Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I visited the ophthalmologist yesterday. Same office as my repair surgery, but different doctor. A very nice, very young Indian woman.

Here's the down low on my eyes, two years after the surgeries:

Because the nerves have been cut I do not always feel when there is something in my eye. Or it will just feel slightly uncomfortable. This also makes whatever is in my eye hard to find and hard to get out.

My eyes are also profoundly dry. Especially the left one that had the two surgeries. I will now have to use:

twice a day. Probably forever. Who knows.

The past two years the dry eye has been remarkably uncomfortable. But the vision has held.

The upside here is that if the restasis works as it should, I should finally enjoy a full benefit after all this.

Would I do it again, if I had the choice?