Monday, December 29, 2008


I am back in glasses.

After all this.

My left eye goes very twonky. I visited the Opthalmologist in early December and my vision was 25/70. The right eye being 25. About a week later I visited the Optometrist because I have been having trouble seeing at night to drive. With so much more driving that I have to do now, I wanted glasses.

The optometrist said my eyes were 25/100. She attributed the difference to the dryness I am still experiencing. And the dryness is with using Restasis twice a day. The Opthalmologist tells me that the dryness will likely increase as I age. Oh boy.

I got the glasses and driving is much easier with them.

Now, my eyes are not anywhere near as bad as they were before the surgeries. Before they were 300/400. So it is better. But they are still dry, though not as uncomfortable since I've been wearing the glasses for driving.

Two and a half years later, would I do it again?