Monday, December 29, 2008


I am back in glasses.

After all this.

My left eye goes very twonky. I visited the Opthalmologist in early December and my vision was 25/70. The right eye being 25. About a week later I visited the Optometrist because I have been having trouble seeing at night to drive. With so much more driving that I have to do now, I wanted glasses.

The optometrist said my eyes were 25/100. She attributed the difference to the dryness I am still experiencing. And the dryness is with using Restasis twice a day. The Opthalmologist tells me that the dryness will likely increase as I age. Oh boy.

I got the glasses and driving is much easier with them.

Now, my eyes are not anywhere near as bad as they were before the surgeries. Before they were 300/400. So it is better. But they are still dry, though not as uncomfortable since I've been wearing the glasses for driving.

Two and a half years later, would I do it again?



Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

I'm really glad, you write about all this. It's very useful for people to know!! I basically don't think, one should see any doctor,it's far too dangerous!!! I usually didn't even go when i fractured a bone etc., because i know, they would mess it up! So i rather help myself and so far it went a whole lot better than seeing a doctor, which almost several times was about to kill me...
greetings from Sandinavia, sarah sofia

JV said...

Hey there. Just found your story by googling "berg lasik". Thanks for sharing your story! So sorry to hear it didn't turn out 100% good at the end. :( So...question for said in hindsight you wouldn't do it again What about if you'd gone to Dr. Berg in the first place? Or do you think lasik is basically a bad idea all around because of the risk. I am thinking of getting lasik w/ Dr. Berg...but also super scared of the potential risks...and stories like yours make me want to stick with my glasses. But, as you know, glasses aren't 100% comfortable I'm torn!

Presbyterian Gal said...

JV - Sorry to be late finding your comment. I would tell you that if you're torn - don't do it. If you're sure then go to Dr. Berg. He'll do an excellent job for you. Best wishes. I know it's such a pain to wear glasses. But for your personal life, be sure in yourself that you want to change that.

Juan R said...

I was reading your blog and sound to me that your previews doctor did not inform you very well about the potential side effect that LASIK surgery has over the time.

Cohen Ilan said...

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Evangelista Nick said...

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Sarah Xie said...

yikes :(

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

I was looking into how the different vision surgery options compare (LASIK, PRK, and Visian ICLs Implantable Corrective Lenses). For other folks looking into this was a good resource for me.

Its a good read. Talks about cost, what the procedure will be like etc...leaning towards ICLs now that i'm reading about all these LASIK problems.

Stephen Azman said...

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