Saturday, May 25, 2013


There have been a few changes this past year.

I had to stop using the Restasis because my insurance no longer covered it and the cost was going to jump from twenty something dollars a month to two hundred and eighty dollars a month. Ouch.

Then it was reduced to one hundred and forty because, apparently, you can use one vial for morning and night drops.

Then it was reduced again, because, according to another doctor, you can use a vial until it's empty.

But my eyes were so irritated by this. Not to mention my pocket book. I just went off the drops. Now I use gel drops at night and Refresh tears 4 or 5 times a day, and it's not too bad.

I'm getting a cataract in my right eye. But it's apparently a slow growing one.

I need reading glasses and glasses for driving and movies. While my vision is deteriorating, it is still better than it was before the surgery.

These many years later, would I do it again?